Bike Ride along Lake Shore and the Beach Front

On Sunday July 2nd, SoshaLife put together an activity which is part of its SoshaXperience. These activities included a bike ride exercise with a small group of 12 African people, which comprised of people from Nigeria, Liberia, Kenya, Gambia, and Sierra Leone. We then had a picnic by the beach right after the ride; where more people came to join in. Papa Suya came out and graced us with his grilling. He made beef and chicken suya, and some deliciously grilled tilapia. Once we left the beach, we headed to the dock on Monroe and got on a boat.
We all met up at Pershing Rd and Lake shore drive at 9am in the morning. And you know as per African time, everyone didn’t get there and ready till about 11am. We took off and headed from 39th st to the Chicago River and back. The group stopped a few times to get ice cream and help others when their bikes broke down. We got back to the beach around 2pm and the food was ready. Papa Suya got there around 10:30am and had been grilling while we were out riding. We eventually ended up on a boat and spent the rest of the day on the lake front. Our day didn’t end till about 10pm, when we got back to the dock. It was one hell of a day. Check out the pictures below.
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Picnic at Oakwood Beach

Boat Cruise on the Lake Front