I have a fondness for colors and images, be it still or motion pictures. So I decided to do a shoot that celebrates big cities, colors, African prints, and fashion. Since this blog is about celebrating the people of Africa, I will give you a little background about the individuals in this shoot. Yemi Akisanya who is the male talent and model in this video figured we come up with a creative shoot to start off the summer. We didn’t have any idea of what we were going to shoot at all, apart from knowing it had to include African attire or prints, landscapes or architecture of Chicago. Yemi is from Isara-Remo, which is an ancient town located in Ogun State, Nigeria. It is the 6th largest town in Ogun State with a population of 59,911 people. He is currently a Business Development Product Manager at one of the largest clearing houses in the United States.
We also employed the services of Matsidiso Nzimande, who is from Durban, South Africa and also resides here in Chicago. Durban is the largest city in the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal. Matsidso is a fashion blogger and you can find a lot of what she does @
A friend of ours, Peter, helped provide the location where the shoot took place. We did a couple of shoots around the city, but the rooftop scene encompassed everything we wanted out of this project; so we narrowed the edits down to just that. It was a very windy day, which sort of added some aesthetics to the shoot. We began shooting at noon, and the shoot took a total of 2 hrs.
You can find Matsidiso on Instagram @Matsidis0; and Yemi @Y_Diddy


I have worked with Matsidiso in the past on several shoots. Below is a video and some of the pictures over the years from different shoots.
I also had a video and photoshoot with Yemi last year. Unlike this shoot which promos vivid colors, the shoot last year was in black and white. I hope you like it.