I spent my Memorial Day with my friend Kadi and her friends. Kadi, whose full name is Kadiat Jalloh, is from the city of Bangul the capital of Gambia. It has a population of the city proper is 34,828 people, and its formerly known as Baturst.  She has a master of science degree in Communication from Northwestern University. On this day, Kadi had a BBQ and cookout, which is something she occasionally has through the summer. I can tell you one thing though, she makes the best okro soup ever. This soup is something you cannot only can eat with swallow, but with rice and yam. I also had a chance to try Gambian jollof rice, it was nice, but it has nothing on Nigerian jollof. We are still winning 🙂
I have decided to start taking my camera out with me everywhere ever I go. And this is because I just want to keep capturing the beauty of the African people and our culture. So here are some images from the cookout below.