Chicago to Lagos

After more than 20 years being away from Nigeria, far away in the crazy streets of Chicago, I decided to come home and visit. For some reason or another, be it school, work, expired passports and so on… I always found a reason not to make it back home. So the summer of 2016, I decided to go home to celebrate Christmas that year. I was beginning to make plans, before my friend Niyi Famuboni decided to set his wedding date for February of 2017. All plans immediately changed. Yemi, Wole and I were all in. I immediately bought my tickets for that date, even before I had renewed any of my passports. I’m an Ijebu man, and I’m definitely not going to waste my money. So this was motivation to get everything done, so I don’t back out once again.
Renewing my U.S passport was easy, I received it back in the mail 3 weeks after I submitted it. And I didn’t even do express service. Renewing my Nigerian passport was a little trickier. I had to fly out in person to Atlanta to get it done. I arrived at a friends place on a Sunday and hung out with her. On Monday as early as 8am, I was at the Consulate. I made sure I was first in line because I scheduled my return flight for that same evening. I got my passport at about 4pm, and was ready for my trip to Nigeria.
I left for the motherland on January 26th, and arrived on the 27th which was a Friday… And the madness began. Instead of boring you all with my bad writing, just watch the video below. I hope you like it 🙂