Stress Free Soccer

I have always been around the Stress Free Chicago club, watching them as they competed with each other, and how they socialized. Its always a marvel to see grown men bond and solidify their camaraderie. Every Saturday in the summer, or whenever its warm enough outside, a group of African men (mostly Nigerians), come out to play soccer. In addition to that, they drink and converse about anything from politics, sports, all the way to business. Its’ a brotherhood formed around their combined love and interest in the game of soccer. Some of us that don’t even partake in the games, come around just to watch, and mingle.
They are so consistent with this activity that businesses like Larry Asun and Papa Suya, come out with their trucks and grills to provide a good meal after a long day of sports. I particular love and I’m amazed at how they can almost come to blows during a heated confrontation in the game; then be like brothers right after, share food, drinks and laughs. It is something that is needed amongst young African men, and is a networking forum of sorts, even if not initially intended as one.
So this Saturday, I decided to bring my camera our with me. The idea is to capture their element and vibes, as the play kick ball on 44th and St Lawrence St. My hope is that before the summer runs out, I am able to do a documentary about how these young men come together. At that time,  you will get major details, and be introduced to the major players that put this all together. For now check out some of the images below. Also, if you are interested in joining this club, you can register on the SoshaLife app, available in Apple app store and Google Play store. You can either pay for one of their 3 membership tiers, or pay for a one day pass.