Pluchic by Utibe Abasi

On Saturday, May 20th, I shot some videos and tooks some images for Utibe Abasi’s Ankara handbags called Pluchic. The name is a Dutch word for ‘Real Chick’. Utibe is from a city called Calabar in Cross Rivers, Nigeria. Calabar has a population of 371,022 people, and is the capital city.
Yemi and I decided to work with Utibe and her brand, and came up with a couple of ideas. The first idea was to make a short film on a girl flirting with a man who is supposingly on a date. When the guy makes his move, things quickly turn. The second idea, which we couldn’t complete, was about a girl doing a vlog of her bags when she accidentally bumps into a guest at a hotel, who she mistakes for a bellman, and gives him all her stuff to carry. She would later find out he wasn’t, but we never got to that part of the shoot before we were cut short. We had to improvise and Utibe showcasing her purses in a more colorful in-your-face style shoot.
Also in this shoot are Remul Johnson, who is from Loma, Liberia, and Yemi, who is from Ogun, Nigeria.
You can find Utibe on instagram:
Business page – @Pluchic_
Personal page – @ChristyDiorr
You can find others on instagram:
Yemi – @Y_Diddy
Remul – @Meyourge
Here are the videos and images below:

Here is the video that didn't make it.

This is the video I mentioned earlier that we weren’t able to complete because the hotel did not allow video taping within their premises. The video featured Utibe, Wole Odulate (who is also from my hometown Isara, Ogun in Nigeira. This is from his mother’s side), and lastly, Matsidiso Nzimande from Durban, South Africa.
You can from them on Instagram here:
Wole – @Ccents1
Matsidiso – @Matsidis0